Custom orders:

If you have a piece of furniture (or several) you’d like repaired and/or refinished, we ask a deposit up front. Once we verify the look you’d like and materials needed to achieve that look, we’ll ask that you pay this deposit at that time. The deposit books you in our calendar. If someone were to come along who paid before you, your project will be delayed and priority given to the customer who paid the deposit first.

The remaining amount is due upon pick up within two weeks after the piece is finished. If you have another servicer providing delivery, payment is due prior to their arrival at our workshop. Pieces cannot leave our property without payment.

We do not deliver. We can help find delivery options if you are unable to get the furniture yourself.

We do ship. Ask us for a quote. Prices listed do not include shipping charges unless noted otherwise.

Quotes for refinishing projects are provided in a range depending on hardware, repairs and other materials going into it. If the amount of repairs exceeds the expectations in the initial quote, once the piece is evaluated in our workshop, we will provide a new quote. This is not common. We are typically able to remain in the initial quote range for every project. We appreciate customers being open and honest about the damage prior to the furniture’s arrival in our workshop. Anything left out is likely to increase the cost to repair and refinish.

Once we begin working on your project, please try to be timely in any further decisions needing made. Delays impact shipping and our future bookings which impacts our business and livelihoods.

All sales are final and deposits are non-refundable.

**Unfortunately we’ve had to add a few policies due to some less than ideal customer interactions.**

-If you do not arrange pick up (regardless of paying) within two weeks of the piece being finished, we will charge a storage fee of $25/day. That storage amount will need paid before the item leaves the property.

-Once we establish a plan for the piece of furniture, in a timely manner, the initial deposit is due within a week. It is non-refundable.

-If you fail to pick up your piece of furniture within 8 weeks, the item now belongs to us. You have forfeited it. The initial deposit is non-refundable. If you paid the remaining balance without picking it up, we will refund the second remaining payment only. That piece is then ours to do what we need to recover our loss. We haven’t had to do this, yet. A few customers have fit this, so we made the policy in 2021.

Things to know:

-If you do not care for the hardware we use on our already finished pieces, either we or you can switch it out. No problem, just ask. 

-We use natural products as often as possible.  Milk, chalk, low or no VOC paints , hemp, tung and other natural oils or waxes for finishing. Some of our favorite brands include General Finishes, Fusion Mineral Paint, House & Canvas, Melange Paints and Rubio Monocoat products. 

-We do offer shipping for most pieces. Shipping insurance will be required. 

-New hardware, new legs and drawer liner cost extra and can add weeks to the process.

-We accept debit/credit cards through Venmo, Square or sales through Etsy. No cash or checks. Tax is included in the price. All sales final.  

-These are vintage and antique pieces, so there will still be some aging and wear beyond our control. We let you know of any issues ahead of refinishing (and anything that comes along as we refinish). We use our best judgment on what to repair to keep the integrity of the piece. 

-We are not responsible for damage you might incur or accidents you have on or to our property. 

-Deposits on orders are non-refundable.

-We direct customers to this page of our website prior to taking on a project. If after you’ve read our policies you decide to move forward with the project, this acts as an agreement and acknowledgment of the policies between us and you.

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