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Located 15 minutes from downtown Richmond, Virginia near Bon Air. Check out our Instagram for updated inventory. Open by appointment.

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A new old goodie for those looking (or those not looking but smitten) for a restored beauty of a storage piece. Antique oak hutch cabinet with adjustable shelves. (Antique shelving pins included.)

After a thorough cleaning, we used a soda blasting technique to remove the old finish. We were told it was found in a Pennsylvania dairy farm. It has a beautiful soap finish on the exterior maintaining the aged patina and enhancing the grain. We will provide some for cleaning and maintenance. Nothing toxic just pure soap and water applied in several coats (5-10 typically) to build up a wax-like finish. Classic, simple finish. The smoothest we’ve ever touched. Of course any repairs have been professionally completed. The glass has been replaced.

The black portions are Melange brand paint (in Jett). The back panel is sycamore and shelves are poplar wood. Rejuvenation brand pull in oil rubbed bronze (which leans more black from that brand) and a magnetic catch.

There’s so much charm and character in this unique antique. Swing by to see it in our Bon Air studio. Contact me to schedule an appointment. We do ship. 

65.25” X 16” deep x 45.25” wide

$1050 tax included

Located in Bon Air, VA 15 minutes from Richmond

Antique primitive hutch cabinet with shelving, fluted glass and blackened bronze pulls 

If you asked us what pieces we love restoring most, it would be beautiful old functional pieces such as this 20th century glass cabinet. The hutch is made from a tropical species of wood leading us to believe it was imported to the United States. It came to us with prior work having been done to it 50+ years ago. We took restoration from there, going on to mix old + new.

We added fluted reeded glass and contemporary small batch blackened bronze pulls. The diamond pattern on the doors is a stunning feature adding to the uniqueness of this piece. The fluted glass in the upper portion of the doors allows a muted glimpse into the interior. It has ample storage space with its three shelves. Each shelf is removable (held by a single screw). There is a single catch. The original stop is in place (see photo) to allow one door to remain closed while the other is open. The right door must be opened first to allow the other door to open. We have also added adjustable leveling feet.

There is writing on the upper back and lower back of this piece, but we have not been able to identify what it says due to aging.

Contact me to schedule an appointment. We do ship. 

71” tall x 40.5” wide x 20” deep

$1780 tax included

Located in Bon Air, VA 15 minutes from Richmond



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