About Us

We’re Em & Wit Design. Two people, a couple, in their late 30’s creating new looks for old furniture. We also build our own solid wood furniture.

We’ve been repairing, refinishing and designing furniture for over 15 years. For one of us this business is full time & the other is working toward making it full time. We specialize in repairing and refinishing vintage & began designing our own pieces regularly in 2022.

We pick quality vintage/antique wood furniture to repair and refinish (or simply resell as-is) then pair those pieces with creations we make to showcase a curated collection of fantastic furniture in our home studio.

We love modern. We love minimal. The furniture we build is a reflection of this. We really just love great design and want to responsibly bring our ideas to the furniture world while keeping older furniture out of landfills (while also utilizing top-notch natural O VOC products).

Custom orders are welcome.

Instagram is the best way to see who we are and what we’re up to these days. Instagram: emandwitdesign

Want to know a little more? Em & Wit officially started south of Minneapolis in an apt garage without electricity or water then we moved to the Seattle area & now we’re in RVA Richmond, Virginia. We enjoy experiencing new places, so we are likely to move in 2022 or 2023. No worries, we do ship.

Em & Wit
(Annie & Greg)