Things To Know & Custom Order Info

-If you do not care for the hardware we use on our already finished pieces, either we or you can switch it out. No problem. 

-We try to use natural products whenever we can.  Milk, chalk, non-VOC paints with hemp, tung and other natural oils or waxes for finishing.  

-We will consider shipping for certain pieces. Shipping insurance will be required. Contact us for a quote. 

-New hardware and drawer liner are not included in the quote we provide. Those are typically added expenses.

-Delivery is available for a fee or you can schedule to stop by and take it with you if it fits the bill. Please arrange an appointment by email.

-We accept debit/credit cards through Paypal, Venmo, Square or sales through Etsy. No checks. Tax is included in the price. All sales final.  

-These are vintage and antique pieces, so there will still be some aging and wear beyond our control.

-We are not responsible for damage you might incur or accidents you have on or to our property. 

-Deposits on custom orders are non-refundable.