For sale at Em & Wit Design

Here is our refurbished and refinished vintage/antique furniture in our shop, ready to go to their new homes. (Items are removed when sold and placed on our portfolio page.) We no longer ship, so these pieces are for Seattle/Tacoma area residents. Shop open by appointment. You can also find our items on Seattle Craigslist.

You can order online in our Square shop without seeing a piece first (although we recommend seeing a piece in person) or we accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Venmo in our home shop. Tax is included in price. Pick up/delivery is an added fee, please ask first.

Custom orders welcome! See this blog post for information about the custom order process or email us.


Em & Wit Design Seattle area furniture refurbishers

Indigo blue oak mirror

45″ tall x 31″ wide


Em & Wit Design Seattle furniture refurbishing

Antique white dresser

34 1/2″ wide X 16″ deep x 32 1/2″ (34 1/2″ overall) tall


Em & Wit Design Seattle furniture refurbishing

Em & Wit Design Seattle


Green gray empire dresser

34 1/2″ tall x 38″ wide (with top) x 20 1/4″ deep



Antique wood buffet

52″ wide (with top) X 19″ deep x 35″ tall


*Seattle/Tacoma area pick up only*

Refinished vintage wood chairs with new upholstery and foam


Em & Wit Furniture Design Seattle

Vintage (may be antique) curved bench

About 47″ wide x 17″ deep (seat) x 33″ tall


For sale at Em & Wit Furniture Design in the Seattle area


White antique buffet

42″ wide x 20 3/4″ deep x 29 3/4″ tall

$250 on sale

For sale at Em & Wit Design in the Seattle area for sale

Antique gray pine dresser

about 18 1/2″ deep x 40″ wide x 42″ tall