About Us

Hey there, we’re Annie & Greg Witkamp (or Em & Wit). We are a couple who refinish and design furniture. Pieces we found at estate sales, Craigslist/Facebook Marketplace/OfferUp, the curb, barns, garage sales, things from your home, etc.. Vintage, mid-century, modern, antique and on and on. We like it all…well, most of it. We’ve got an eye for great pieces and sometimes you can even pry them out of our hands in our shop. Ba-dum ching! (So we’re not terrific with jokes.)

We began near Minneapolis in 2008 (we are truly Hoosiers at heart, born and raised in Indiana, left after college), but we moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2014. It was our dream and we’re happy we did. But…an opportunity came up so we happily moved to Richmond in 2018. Hello RVA! 

We typically get the wood furniture other refinishers might shy away from. Some of the things we’ve collected have been called firewood, left for decades in a barn, decaying and not being useful…which we don’t like at all. (Don’t worry, we clean each piece.) Greg and I love that repair challenge and know when we finish, our pieces will be beautiful, solid and last for years to come.   

Did I mention Greg is a wood furniture ninja? Seriously his degree is in wood product manufacturing technology within the field of engineering.  His previous job involved designing and building custom seating for restaurants and his job now involves engineering store displays for companies like Target and Starbucks. Annie (that’s me writing this) handles the rest of this business. Blog, shop, photos, ads, communication, design research, material purchasing, customer service, splinter removal-er and things of that nature. My former career was in social work and therapy until I followed my creative passions and found true joy with our small business. 

Enough about us right now.

If you are interested in something already finished or our designing a new piece for you, send us an email.  You can purchase from us in our home shop (debit or credit card accepted with our Square reader). Tax is now included in the asking price of our pieces (unless noted otherwise). We charge for pick up and delivery, so be sure to ask. You can also pick up at our home shop and avoid the fee. 

I hope you’re as excited as we are to work together. Furniture refinishing is our passion!